beach house

We spend the first half of this week at a beach house with my family, and had a really wonderful time.

Once upon a time in the not too distant past, I thought I hated the beach. But as it turns out I just don’t like dirty beaches, or driving home covered in sand. And Anna Maria Island is not a dirty beach. And beach houses with outdoor showers keep all the sand outside. 
DSC_0950DSC_0276 DSC_0321 DSC_0469Kaden likes to dig.DSC_0406 Alia likes to sit in holes. They make a good team.DSC_0331 Sunset at the beach is pretty spectacular. We’ve always gone in the morning and left in the afternoon, so it was wonderful to experience for the first time.DSC_0534The beach house was really fantastic too.DSC_0681DSC_0558-2It had a piano, telescope, swimming pool… Not much more I could ask for 🙂DSC_0640-2DSC_0678-2DSC_0669-2DSC_0172-2DSC_0169-2DSC_0160-2DSC_0276-2DSC_0290-2DSC_0224-2DSC_0301-2DSC_0261DSC_0865-2DSC_0865DSC_0165-4And we had ice cream every night. That alone makes for a pretty good vacation 🙂DSC_0983-2

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