Alia’s first haircut

20151029-DSC_1070Well this was actually her second haircut, as her brother did her first one the day before :-/ I came down from upstairs and found curls all over the kitchen floor.

So her first haircut came a lot sooner and in a different fashion than I had anticipated (he took about 4 inches off 1/2 of the back, & did 1/4 of her bangs), but Faithy came over the next day to even things out, and I think Alia enjoyed it all.20151029-DSC_1050 20151029-DSC_1067 20151029-DSC_1107 20151029-DSC_1096 20151029-DSC_1080 20151029-DSC_1095 20151029-DSC_1131

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