18 months

Alia is 18 months old today! I think 18 months deserves its own post as it’s truly an age in itself, decidedly no longer one, and definitely not yet two. 18 months is just really a fun stage. Here is Alia, at eighteen months…

DSC_0731Has the most beautiful blue eyes. Everywhere we go people always stop us to tell her. Literally every time.

Wakes up really happy or really mad. No in between. DSC_0761-4Loves helping unload the dishes. (Tries to climb IN the dishwasher when we’re done.)DSC_0540-3Likes to wear her pretty dresses – goes to the closet and pulls on them, wanting them on. Preferably with red shoes too. DSC_0153-5

Loves to go to Mimi’s. Says “pahbah” & “meme” with a big smile on her face when I ask if she wants to go. Also says “wuwu” and “dey” (Roo Roo & D.) No Faithy yet.

When we’re there she likes to read “Guh dug guh” (Go Dog Go) & Old Hat, New Hat (& always yells on the right page, “wait!”)

DSC_0355 DSC_0359Still says she’s “gu-da!” whenever we ask.DSC_0726Frequently found playing with brother, like really playing. The first year & a little more with these two was on the tough side, but now their age difference is magic. They entertain each other and really like being with each other. The other day they were dancing around together unprompted, to I belong with you, you belong with me you’re my sweetheart. Melt my heart out.DSC_0960-4

Always wants to floss when mom does before bed. Also loves sitting in mom’s lap while doing makeup, and shower-crashing.DSC_0447-3Follows around anyone who’s having a snack and tries to get some. Daddy, mommy, brother. It usually works.DSC_0126-4Likes taking things for walks. Bella, the wooden snail on a leash, and especially Daddy. Walks him around the house holding onto his finger.DSC_0434-5
Alia K., I love you so!Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

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