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Trimming the Tree

We decided to decorate our home for Christmas last week. Which on one hand I feel is much to early, and the perfectionist in me worries that we’re breaking the rules and should wait until after Thanksgiving like sane people. But then on the other hand I think what the heck, in a lifetime we may have at best 100 Christmases, why not enjoy them a little longer? 🙂

So, Christmas.

Kaden was very excited. Every crate Landon carried in he screamed “it’s Christmastime!!!”

Alia’s first ornament, just like Kaden’s blue Mickey Mouse from two years ago.

Opening K’s ornament for this year, a choo choo train.

Kaden had just been to Disney the day before & seen Belle, so I asked him who this was. He said “I don’t know, Jesus?”

The very best part for K.

This little baby likes to lay by her tree.




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