We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, with an exciting finale when Clarissa & Alex got engaged! Kaden & I started the morning early with breakfast and coloring turkeys before the parade, and then we spent the rest of the day over at my parents.
20151126-DSC_3026 20151126-DSC_2977 20151126-DSC_303020151126-DSC_3096 When I ask him to hold his sister’s hand.20151126-DSC_3079Learning how to break the wishbone.20151126-DSC_301220151126-DSC_315920151126-DSC_303620151126-DSC_313620151126-DSC_310620151126-DSC_3147Dinner was fantastic.20151126-DSC_318520151126-DSC_319420151126-DSC_319020151126-DSC_320320151126-DSC_321020151126-DSC_3225The proposal!
20151126-DSC_325120151126-DSC_327020151126-DSC_3263Alia is thankful for the big stuff.20151126-DSC_3411Checking out this new ring.20151126-DSC_338720151126-DSC_3388She can’t wait to have Alex as an official part of the family <320151126-DSC_347320151126-DSC_3432Then Alia sat & waited patiently for her pie while K ran around with Uncle D shooting things with Nerf guns (I didn’t get any pictures of that.)20151126-DSC_3464Almost pie time 😉20151126-DSC_3489The rest of the evening we visited & played games, it was wonderful. Congrats to “Roo & Alex”, and as my kids are already saying, we can’t wait for your wedding 🙂

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