Happy Halloween

DSC_0162A couple pictures of my siblings (+1) the night before, just because I like them 🙂DSC_0093 DSC_0083I like these Halloween decorations too.DSC_1060 DSC_1072Snow White. Her costume was partially inspired by her resemblance to the princess, and partly by her mommy & daddy’s love for Once Upon a Time. Snow White & Charming are my favorite. The first episode he fought off bad guys with a sword while holding a newborn. I mean, c’mon! I like the depth the show gives to their characters too.DSC_1171 DSC_1312DSC_1330 Mike Wazowski. DSC_1399 First couple tries for a family picture looked like this. Then my sister’s boyfriend showed up and was talking to Alia & she’s all sweet & smiley.DSC_1388DSC_1443 Time for loves!DSC_1456Her favorite part – the shoes! I’m so glad my sister sent me a “Does Alia have Snow White shoes yet?” text on Sunday when these showed up in the Target flyer 🙂DSC_0005She was Miss Independent tonight. She didn’t want be held, hold a hand, or even walk the same way as us.DSC_0059He was a very brave trick or treater.DSC_0141DSC_0061The good stuff. We went to Mimi’s last & she gave him a load of this stuff. I had told him ahead of time that some candy people give is not for three year olds, and he was totally fine with swapping it out. Woohoo for another year of healthy treats 😉DSC_1467Happy Halloween!DSC_0296

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