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Vegan Summer

This summer we switched to a vegan diet! There were a handful of reasons, but it’s something I wanted to commit to for the season. 

I find it pretty enjoyable trying a new eating plan for 30 or 60 days or whatever. We’ve done Whole30 before too, and with both experiences I really like how it gives clear direction and new ideas for meal planning. 

Sometimes making a meal schedule for the week feels so blah. But when I’m Pinterest searching new ideas with a specific direction, and have some good cookbooks, it makes the task fresh and fun. 

I really loved all the veggies that made their way into our meals, I learned how to cook with fresh herbs (basil and cilantro have become staples in our kitchen) & garlic, make (really good) kale chips, & a lot of other fun things. 

It was nice coming up with new breakfast and lunch ideas too. For some reason we get into the habit of making the same thing every day most weeks, so even if it’s something we like, it just gets old. 

We ate vegan for all of June & July. 

I’m now eating organic eggs and some meat again, because I feel like my body functions better that way (I’ve always struggled with low iron, so that may be a factor.) 

We found so many delicious meals we love, I really enjoyed the season & will definitely continue making them!

The best cookbooks I found were Chloe Flavor & the Engine 2 Cookbook

Here are some photos of a handful of favorites… 

I keep the recipes in a folder on my phone, so if you’d like any, just message or text me & ask! 🙂

Avocado toast, new favorite breakfast – Chloe Flavor

Rainbow Quinoa Salad, love this – Chloe Flavor

Vegan Alfredo with Banza chickpea pasta, super easy & delicious 

Kale Chips, I can eat a whole pan of these straight from the oven – Engine 2

Lentil Soup, this is seriously the most perfect fall soup ever (although I’d eat it all year through) – found on Pinterest

Sweet Potato Shiitake Soup, this is one of my favorite things I have ever eaten in my life. The ingredients seemed so bizarre, I was nervous the first time I made it, but Landon & I both love it – Engine 2 Cookbook

Smoothie bowls – like we had at the Sunrise Shack!

Not pictured, but extremely delicious

Sweet potato black bean burgers with chili lime mayo, The chili lime mayo is incredible

Chickpea Curry over Cauliflower rice, I couldn’t find yellow curry paste, so I use a yellow curry sauce, & the whole jar rather than a tablespoon

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