As a finale to Alia’s birthday week & our visit with Landon’s family, we had lunch at Akershus in Norway at Epcot. I’ve always wanted to go there, but was waiting until I had a little girl old enough to appreciate it. She did 🙂
20150828-DSC_8166 20150828-DSC_8177 20150828-DSC_8204The food was good. I think the price is more about the experience (thankfully Cast Discounts help with that!) but I especially liked the appetizer platter. Landon ordered the Kjottkake (Norwegian meatballs) & said that was great too. Alia was the only one who appreciated the traditional Norwegian rice pudding.20150828-DSC_8206 20150828-DSC_8209Of course the kids enjoyed visiting with all the princesses. Once Kaden’s food came though he told them he was too busy eating to stop for a picture.20150828-DSC_8224 20150828-DSC_8229 20150828-DSC_8235-2 20150828-DSC_8251 20150828-DSC_8245 20150828-DSC_8267 Time for food! Alia ate about 2.3% of what was on her plate.20150828-DSC_8284 20150828-DSC_8291-220150828-DSC_829320150828-DSC_829720150828-DSC_8301The princesses gave Alia a card they all signed, & a birthday cupcake too!20150828-DSC_832220150828-DSC_832420150828-DSC_8326After hanging out in Norway for a couple hours during a rainstorm, we got to see Daddy play the 7 & 8 o’clock shows in the U.K.20150828-DSC_834620150828-DSC_834820150828-DSC_835820150828-DSC_8391And a visit to the UK is never complete without stopping in to see Tigger & Pooh. It’s really one of the most unique character experiences at Disney in my opinion, I love the details all around Christopher Robin’s room.20150828-DSC_839720150828-DSC_842020150828-DSC_842320150828-DSC_843720150828-DSC_8443And would you believe that after this whole day when I asked Alia what her favorite part was, she said “watching daddy’s show. I love watching his show.” Even beat the princess lunch!

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