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Valentine’s Garland

IMG_7152This project was so easy, super cheap, & I think it turned out pretty cute! We’ve been missing the holiday glow since Christmas went back to the storage unit, so this was a fun was to brighten things up again 🙂

IMG_7136my assistantIMG_7135

All you need is felt squares (I bought 10 at Jo Ann’s for $0.34 a piece) and string (I used hemp, 20 yards for $2.99, plus 50% off. Total project cost was $5.23.)


Cut hearts out of the felt (I got about 9 per square.) Use a sharp scissors (I used embroidery scissors) to poke holes in the hearts – two on the edges if you’re making horizontal garland, or one in the top center if you’re making vertical, like we did on the chandelier.


Measure string for the area you’re going to hang it. Thread hearts on the string. I used a safety pin as a sort of needle to get the string through easier. For the vertical strands I put a knot between each heart too.

IMG_7137Hang it up!IMG_7139IMG_7154IMG_7153

Isn’t that love-ly? 😉

Happy February!

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