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How my pictures went from this to that



I have loved taking pictures for as long as I can remember. It’s artistic and fun and so meaningful to me. Four years ago when I was pregnant with Kaden I got my first DSLR for Christmas. I was excited about it but really didn’t know how to do much beyond turn it on, point, and shoot.

A little while later I was introduced to Pinterest and started reading articles on photography, trying to find ways to improve my style. I realized that my camera could do more than just “auto mode” and tried figuring more out a couple times, but didn’t get far.

Then two years ago this November, Photography Concentrate (an awesome little company ran by the sweetest husband & wife team) ran a Black Friday promotion on their eBook “Super Essential Camera Skills” on how to shoot in manual mode and I decided to get it. They said that I was smarter than my camera and could take better pictures than auto mode could. I remember the one afternoon I spent Kaden’s nap reading the material and watching the videos. After months of trying on my own, I was able to shoot in manual mode in under three hours! It was so clear and simple. And I loved it! More creative control with better results. It was everything I wanted to know, presented in a way I could understand and had time for.

And that my friends is how my pictures went from this:


to that. (And I got a 35 mm 1.8 lens. I’d say 80% of the improvement is due to shooting in manual, 20% to a lens with a nice wide aperture.)


This year I’m getting their course on Lightroom called Super Photo Editing Skills. I’m pretty excited because editing is where I feel my skills are lacking now. Ready to learn some more!

If you’re interested, check out Photography Concentrate’s Tutorial shop here.

They’re running a Black Friday special this week for 40% off all tutorials. That is awesome…

Happy Monday 🙂

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