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Beach Bottles – Sand in a Jar

This is a little project I put together as a souvenir for Kaden’s first trip to the beach. I also made one for my sister Clarissa, to go in her new beach-themed room.


  • Glass bottle with cork
  • Sand
  • Rope wire
  • Cardstock

I got all my supplies (minus the sand) at Michaels for under $5.

On our beach day I had filled up a water bottle with sand & it was still a little damp, so I poured it into a shallow bowl for a day to let the moisture evaporate. Once it was dry I used a rolled up piece of paper as a funnel to get the sand into the bottle.

Next I went to & browsed through their free fonts to find one I liked. For Kaden’s bottle I chose Jane Austen, & for Clarissa’s I used Billy Argel. I printed the tags on a piece of aged-looking card stock paper from Michael’s loose card stock section. Kaden’s I labeled with “Kaden’s first beach day” on the front, & the date of our trip on the back, & for Clarissa’s I just put the name of the beach. Then I used a hole-puncher & wrapped the tags around the bottle with the rope wire.

They turned out to be a really cute way to preserve our memory – besides for a baby’s first beach trip they’d be great to document any trip to a favorite beach, a special vacation, or a beach wedding!




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