50 states

Summer Trip

We spent last weekend in Savannah, and made a little trip over to Hilton Head as well!

We made a goal when the kids were little to visit all 50 states with them. We’ve got 11 down so far, so quite a few to go, but we plan to do more when they’re older (& I’m not super pregnant) & we can road trip a little easier 🙂

Some favorites from this trip were Leopold’s ice cream, Hilton Head beach, exploring some of the historic sites in Savannah (the kids especially liked The Pirate House), & walking everywhere! We did 6 miles on Saturday, I was so sore afterwards.

At the Pirate House we took a tour after our lunch and the whole time Leo was going up behind the pirate tour guide & trying to snatch his gun our of his holster (the guide never noticed.) But Leo was so happy at the end when he got to hold it for a photo!

We also made a quick stop in St. Augustine on the way home for lunch & our favorite popsicles 🙂

This afternoon we got our states stitched in 🙂

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